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We love women! We love their role in the earth, we love their role in the family and we love their role in the Church. Our heart is that all women who come to Destiny whether attending or visiting, no matter their age or race would feel welcomed, loved and encouraged, and above all they would experience the tangible presence of God. 

At Destiny Church, we love them, see them, value them and empower them to lead and minister in all capacities.

Regardless of where you are at in life, there is a place for you here.


King David in Old Testament set the standard for men. The God of the universe called him a man after my own heart. It was an incredible example of how God created men to live like. Soft, secure, vulnerable, honest, but also strong, sure, confident and powerful as they lead and love their families. 

Our passion is to see men truly encounter the heart of God in way that causes them to be deeply seen and known by Him. That they would develop strong authentic connections with other men and that they would each grow in leadership and influence in their family the workplace and in the Church. 

We believe that men were created to be fathers, but before that we must learn how to become a son. God calls us sons of God, that is how He sees us and treats us. We don’t graduate out of that role. For us to be effective fathers in our families and in our Church, we first must understand how we become a son. Once this happens….. Our relationship with Jesus begins to explode and our connection with others increases and the world around us start to take notice. 

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