Practical Support

Our heart is to meet the needs of those that require it

due to life’s circumstances. Regardless of the reasons,

at some stage in our life, we all end up needing help. So at Echo Community, we provide weekly food hampers,

meals, and a place of encouragement, support and

connection for those in need. It is our great passion that we meet practical, emotional and spiritual needs through this ministry. 


WHEN: Tuesdays & Wednesdays by

appointment, with a free lunch every

Wednesday from 12-1pm.

Welfare & Care

Primary School Christmas

Through an ongoing relationship with a local primary school, it was made known to us that there were kids who would not receive a Christmas present due to financial pressures at home, and that’s not okay! Therefore, as a church we decided to take ownership of this. We bought over 100 kids Christmas presents, hired jumping castles and had an over the top Christmas celebration with them, as you 

can see in the video, they absolutely

loved it... as did we! 

Echo Church Melbourne

Dingley Football & Netball Club 

We are happy to announce that we as a Church we are sponsoring the Dingley Football and Netball Club in 2020. We love what this club means to our community and we see and believe in what they are doing! We are excited and looking forward to strengthening our relationship. Be sure to follow their page and head down to a game this year!

Counselling & Chaplaincy

Part of the vision of Echo Community is Health. Which is our inner world, it’s our character, the hidden part of us, the part that no one sees, it’s our identity, our transformation, our renewed mind, our belief system, our spiritual growth and majority, it’s where the fruits of the spirit develop, where we deal with our list of struggles, pain and hurt, it’s our processing and our perseverance, it’s us being self-aware and managing what is going on inside of us, it’s being aware of our emotional health, it’s knowing what we need from our relationships, knowing how we are truly feeling in our relationship with God and with people, it is where we filter what comes in and what we allow to be entertained in our heart, mind and life, it’s where we remind ourselves of our testimonies, steward our prophecies and embrace His promises. So it is our passion to create a ministry and space where everyone can come and experience God’s presence which brings wholeness. 

MORE INFORMATION: Contact us for more information. 


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